Roberto Porroni - guitar

Pier Filippo Barbano - flute

Germana Porcu - violin

Antonello Leofreddi - viola

Marcella Schiavelli- cello

The ENSEMBLE DUOMO was born in 1996 on the initiative of Roberto Porroni.

The aim of the group, all well known soloists in their own right, intends to valorize a little known repertoire, paying particular attention to different and inovative works.

The programmes they perform in their concerts must be seen in this light: "A guitar for Vivaldi" and "Haydn the Unknown" are dedicated to pages which are rarely performed and which are presented in a version which is near to the sensitiveness and taste of today, and the programm "The Music at the Cinema", “The Americas in Music” and “Tutto Morricone” devoted to some of the most beautiful movies soundtracks, re-visited in a new dimension of sound.

Ennio Morricone himself appreciated a lot the work of transcriptions made by Roberto Porroni.

The Ensemble Duomo is becoming well known at an international level as an original and unique chamber group. It has given concerts in various European countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Greece a.o.) in Turkey, in the Middle East, in Australia, Africa and has taken part in many tournée in the Far East (Japan, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam), performing for important concerts institutions and festivals (Oji Hall in Tokyo, ALTI Auditorium in Kyoto Seoul Arts Center), with such success that it has been invited to return for other tours.

They made their debut in Argentina with concerts in major theatres, among them the big hall of Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, filled up with 3.000 people, and they performed for the first time in Brasil and Australia.

The Ensemble Duomo recently performed in concerts for Lorin Maazel and Josè Carreras, who appreciated a lot the musical qualities of the group.

It was invited to perform at the prestigious Schumann Festival in Bonn.


Ensemble Duomo

Roberto Porroni

Concertista, compositore,

direttore artistico